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The Real Leslie Rich


    Leslie Rich

    Director Practice Management

    Most of you know Leslie as our interior decorator or the happy face that is eager to see how clients are doing when they walk through the doors. She is very knowledgeable about all of our clients and makes it a priority to check in and make sure clients feel they are part of the Cornerstone family. She feels very strongly about knowing our clients on a more personal level than just professionally. We would like to share the personal side of Leslie that some of you haven’t had the pleasure of knowing.

    Leslie is a mother to two grown sons, Cory and Eric. When Leslie talks about her sons’ accomplishments, she lights up with such pride. She also has 3 grandsons that she cherishes and loves watching them in their sports and visiting with them about their daily life experiences. Fortunately, the 3 grandsons enjoy artwork, crafting, cooking and Christmas as much as she does. Leslie loves the Christmas season and like her grandsons believes you can’t have too many Christmas decorations!

    During the summer months, you can spot Leslie out with her husband Don, on their boat on Flathead Lake. They enjoy going out on a nice afternoon with their dog Miss Chrissy Lei to read a book and sip a glass of wine or take their 3 grandsons water skiing and tubing. They all love a good, fast, fun, exciting spin on the water on one of those beautiful sunny days. When Leslie isn’t out on the lake or working on her many flower beds in her yard, she likes to go to her sewing & crafting sanctuary, “Hassie’s Atelier.” She has her own room in her house where she can unwind from a long day and feed her soul with one of her many projects. She doesn’t get to do this often, but when she does she is in total bliss.

    Some things you may not know about Leslie; when she was in high school, she worked at the County Court House and babysat on the side. Her favorite TV shows are Downtown Abbey, This Is Us, and Desperate Housewives. She says with a twinkle in her eye, that Desperate Housewives often made her laugh out loud! One of Leslie’s good habits is telling her grandsons she loves them and giving them an abundant number of hugs. A bad habit that she has admitted to, is popping her gum while chewing it. An embarrassing moment for Leslie is when she locked the front door to their new home and heard someone trying to get in. She believed it was a burglar breaking in and promptly called the police and had them come to the house to investigate. After searching the house, they realized it was her husband Don trying to come inside.