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The Real Michael French

    Michael French

    Wealth Advisor

    Some of you may know Michael as the small-town boy from Malta, MT. To us he is much more than that. He has added a new dynamic to the office and a fun positive attitude that everyone has grown to love. Michael comes to work every day with a go-getter mentality and is a force to be reckoned with. Aside from Michael’s outstanding career, he is a personable guy and has a very active lifestyle outside of work.

    When Michael isn’t in the office, he can be found at the local CrossFit gym. He coaches a class and is very dedicated to his time there. He puts all of us to shame in the work place, as we have a hard time walking to the mail box and back somedays! Michael sticks to a strict diet and rarely strays from this, unless on the very rare occasion the other team members can get him to partake in their not-so-healthy take out lunch on Fridays.

    Michael and his wife, Marissa, enjoy being out on their boat in the summer time with family and friends. He appreciates the beautiful summers here in the Flathead but often goes back to Malta to the family ranch where he raises a few cows. Michael goes back as often as he can to help his family with the ranch life and catch up with everyone. One of Michael’s other favorite past times is hunting in the prairies and badlands of North-Central Montana.

    Some fun and interesting things you may not know about Michael; his favorite sport is wrestling as it was a big part of his life growing up. He still enjoys helping coach at the local youth and high school levels in the valley for competitive wrestling. One of Michael’s good habits is working out daily. His bad habit is leaving the lights on. When Michael was at the end of his junior year in high school, he worked on an oil/natural gas drilling rig. He continued to work on the oil rigs during his summers while attending college at the University of Great Falls. It was a great way to make money during the summer time before he headed back to school each fall. Since Michael was a student-athlete, he was unable to work a job while school was in session, so it was very important for him to earn as much as he could during the summer months. Each year when he returned to school in the fall his dad would say, “Well, I guess it is time for you to go back on vacation!”