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    Bethany J Thomas

    Associate Business Development Specialist

    Bethany brings with her a passion for people and a depth of understanding for diverse cultures, which began at a very young age. Born and raised in Southeast Asia as the daughter of parents who worked in the relief development field, Bethany has lived in both major metropolitan areas as well as remote villages.

    Bethany returned to the U.S. for college, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling. After staying home for a couple of years to raise their two kids, Bethany was offered a job as the high school counselor at an international school in Malaysia. Wanting to give her kids a taste of what she grew up with, Bethany and her husband moved their family overseas.

    Back on U.S. soil once again, Bethany wanted to find a career that would utilize her passion for people as well as making the best use of her organizational and administrative skills. She has found the perfect fit here at Cornerstone Wealth Management Partners. Typically the first person you meet as you walk in the door, it is rare to find Bethany without a smile on her face.