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    Nate Abraham

    Client Services Specialist

    Husband, world traveler, sport’s fan, and economic enthusiast

    You might recognize Nate as the professional, caring, and passionate voice behind the phone of Cornerstone eager to assist CWMP clients manage their day-to-day account activity and requests. However, behind the voice is a daring man eager to seek out adventure and create lasting memories with his family and friends.

    As a young man, Nate traveled the world with his family and experienced a range of cultures and diversity which ultimately shaped who he is today. Nate’s cultural experiences gave him the unique ability to connect and build relationships with a wide variety of individuals, as revealed through his innate ability to foster a positive experience in his daily interactions with clients.

    Although Nate may never be able to emulate the cuisines he experienced in his world-wide travels with his less-than-average cooking skills, he enjoys experiencing and trying new food, while continuously working to improve his cooking skills.

    Having traveled to Denmark and Sweden during his younger years to participate in competitive tennis tournaments, he enjoys playing tennis to this day in addition to tuning his golfing skills. Furthermore, he is an avid sports fan, heavily following the New York Knicks and Philadelphia Eagles. Outside of athletics, Nate enjoys attending live music concerts, watching action or comedy films, and strength training at the gym.

    Nate is an extremely well-rounded individual with an abundance of productive personal and professional experiences which ultimately allows him to strive toward the CWMP mission of making a positive different in our client’s lives by guiding them towards their financial dreams.