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Many of my clients ask what they will get by taking action and initiating a Financial Plan for themselves. What you will get is a detailed analysis of what it will take to reach your financial goals, and a specific action plan that will tell you what you need to do in each area of your financial situations.

The path of a company should be dictated by the voices of the people it serves …

  • Setting a Higher Standard
  • Pursuing Financial Independence
  • Personalized Wealth Management Strategy
  • Knowledge, Experience and Integrity Working For You
  • Comprehensive Portfolio Management

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2-10-20 Does A Lower January Have Bears Smiling?

2-3-20 Assessing Coronavirus Outbreak

1-29-20 Leading Indicators Slowing But Still Growing

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    Don Rich serves as your SmartVestor Pro in the Greater Western Montana region. SmartVestor Pros are selected by Dave Ramsey and the Ramsey Solutions organization to help with your retirement, college savings and other investments. Not everyone can be a SmartVestor Pro. SmartVestor Pros are vetted investing professionals. We are committed to educating and empowering you!

      Helpful Content

      Problems with Probate

      Problems with Probate

      Probate can be a completely public process, or it can be managed to include as little information as possible.

      What Is a Roth 401(k)?

      What Is a Roth 401(k)?

      Roth 401(k) plans combine features of traditional 401(k) plans with those of a Roth IRA.

      Choosing a Mortgage

      Choosing a Mortgage

      Selecting a mortgage isn't an easy process. Get a better understanding of how professionals make the right decisions.


      A Penny Saved is Two Pennies Earned

      Here are some simple and inexpensive energy-saving tips that may help you save money.

      Estate Management Checklist

      Is your estate in order? This short quiz may help you assess your overall strategy.

      Understanding Marginal Income Tax Brackets

      An inside look at how marginal income tax brackets work.

      Choosing a Retirement Plan that Fits Your Business

      To choose a plan, it’s important to ask yourself four key questions.

      The Great Debate Continues: Active vs. Passive

      In investments, one great debate asks the question, “Active or Passive Investing: Which Is Better?”

      What Is a 1035 Exchange?

      1035 exchanges provide a way to trade-in an annuity contract or life insurance policy without triggering a tax liability.

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      Can I Refinance My Mortgage?

      This calculator can help determine whether it makes sense to refinance your mortgage.

      A Look at Systematic Withdrawals

      This calculator may help you estimate how long funds may last given regular withdrawals.

      What Is My Risk Tolerance?

      This questionnaire will help determine your tolerance for investment risk.

      Assess Your Life Insurance Needs

      This calculator estimates how much life insurance you would need to meet your family's needs if you were to die prematurely.

      Capital Gains Tax Estimator

      Use this calculator to estimate your capital gains tax.

      Disability Income

      This calculator estimates your chances of becoming disabled and your potential need for disability insurance.

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      5 Smart Investing Strategies

      There are some smart strategies that may help you pursue your investment objectives

      Your Cash Flow Statement

      A presentation about managing money: using it, saving it, and even getting credit.

      Principles of Preserving Wealth

      How federal estate taxes work, plus estate management documents and tactics.

      Investment Strategies for Retirement

      Investment tools and strategies that can enable you to pursue your retirement goals.

      Protecting Those Who Matter Most

      The importance of life insurance, how it works, and how much coverage you need.

      An Inside Look at Retirement Living

      A number of questions and concerns need to be addressed to help you better prepare for retirement living.

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      The Rule of 72

      Do you know how long it may take for your investments to double in value? The Rule of 72 is a quick way to figure it out.

      The Other Sure Thing

      Though we don’t like to think about it, all of us will make an exit sometime. Are you prepared?

      The Facts About Income Tax

      Millions faithfully file their 1040 forms each April. But some things about federal income taxes may surprise you.

      The Fed and How It Got That Way

      Here is a quick history of the Federal Reserve and an overview of what it does.

      Should You Ever Retire?

      A growing number of Americans are pushing back the age at which they plan to retire. Or deciding not to retire at all.

      Charitable Giving: Smart from the Heart

      Do you have causes that you want to support with donations? Here are three tips.

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