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We're here for you - In the interest of the health and well being of the community we serve during the COVID-19 crisis, our offices will close effective 3-19. However we will be continuing to serve you virtually. Click here to read the full story.

We're here for you - In the interest of the health and well being of the community we serve during the COVID-19 crisis, our offices will close effective 3-19. However we will be continuing to serve you virtually. Click here to read the full story. 

"Knowledge, Experience & Integrity...
Working For You"

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Many of my clients ask how they benefit from taking action and initiating a Financial Plan for themselves. The client will receive a detailed analysis of what it will take to reach their financial goals. They will then receive a specific action plan that will help them facilitate their financial journey.

The path of a company should be dictated by the voices of the people it serves …

  • Setting a Higher Standard
  • Pursuing Financial Independence
  • Personalized Wealth Management Strategy
  • Knowledge, Experience and Integrity Working For You
  • Comprehensive Portfolio Management


Over 40 Years In The Financial Industry:
Experience Matters In Today’s Market

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LPL Research Midyear Outlook 2021: Picking Up Speed delivers market insights on what we can expect in the economy, policy, stocks, and bonds for the rest of 2021.

We're searching for a seasoned financial advisor looking for a fresh start where you can enjoy superior back office support and the freedom to offer your clients the products and services most suitable to them, we may be the team you are looking for. This person would not be replacing Don, but adding to our team as we continue to grow and serve our clients. Click Join Our Team for more information.

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7-26-21 Six Surprises So Far in 2021

7-19-21 Midyear Outlook 2021: Picking Up Speed

7-12-21 Three Things to Watch This Earnings Season

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    Should I Pay Off Debt or Invest?

    Should I Pay Off Debt or Invest?

    This calculator will help determine whether you should invest funds or pay down debt.

    Saving for College

    Saving for College

    This calculator can help you estimate how much you should be saving for college.

    Investment Strategies for Retirement

    Investment Strategies for Retirement

    Investment tools and strategies that can enable you to pursue your retirement goals.


    Catch-Up Contributions

    Workers 50+ may make contributions to their qualified retirement plans above the limits imposed on younger workers.

    Managing an Inheritance

    A windfall from a loved one can be both rewarding and complicated.

    Qualifying For Medicare Under Age 65

    You might qualify for Medicare if you’re under 65-years-old. This article will explain the conditions where you may qualify for Medicare early.

    Insurance Needs Assessment: Married With Children

    When you’re married and have children, insurance needs will be different.

    Changing Unhealthy Behaviors

    Five phases to changing unhealthy behaviors.

    Filing Final Tax Returns for the Deceased

    The federal government requires deceased individuals to file a final income tax return.

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    Saving for Retirement

    This calculator can help you estimate how much you may need to save for retirement.

    Potential Income from an IRA

    Estimate your monthly and annual income from various IRA types.

    A Look at Systematic Withdrawals

    This calculator may help you estimate how long funds may last given regular withdrawals.

    Bi-Weekly Payments

    This calculator estimates the savings from paying a mortgage bi-weekly instead of monthly.

    What's My Potential Estate Tax?

    This calculator helps estimate your federal estate tax liability.

    Federal Income Tax

    Use this calculator to estimate your income tax liability along with average and marginal tax rates.

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    Protecting Those Who Matter Most

    The importance of life insurance, how it works, and how much coverage you need.

    Managing Your Lifestyle

    Using smart management to get more of what you want and free up assets to invest.

    5 Smart Investing Principles

    Principles that can help create a portfolio designed to pursue investment goals.

    5 Smart Investing Strategies

    There are some smart strategies that may help you pursue your investment objectives

    Your Cash Flow Statement

    A presentation about managing money: using it, saving it, and even getting credit.

    An Inside Look at Retirement Living

    A number of questions and concerns need to be addressed to help you better prepare for retirement living.

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    The Cost of Procrastination

    Procrastination can be costly. When you get a late start, it may be difficult to make up for lost time.

    When Do You Need a Will?

    When do you need a will? The answer is easy: Right Now.

    Charitable Giving: Smart from the Heart

    Do you have causes that you want to support with donations?

    A Fruitful Retirement: Social Security Benefit

    Taking your Social Security benefits at the right time may help maximize your benefit.

    The Real Cost of a Vacation Home

    What if instead of buying that vacation home, you invested the money?

    From Boats to Brokers

    From the Dutch East India Company to Wall Street, the stock market has a long and storied history.

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