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Brittany Martin

Brittany Martin

Marketing Consultant

Brittany is a Marketing Consultant who works with the CWMP team to communicate with our clients and help us grow our practice through social media and email. Her knowledge and training in digital marketing and social networking helps to streamline our practices and boost our web presence in an ever-growing digital world. She has over five years of digital marketing experience in the financial services industry and joined the Cornerstone team in September of 2021.

Brittany holds a bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University in Business Marketing and is currently pursuing further education.

Brittany is passionate about her career in digital marketing because she gets the chance to directly help Don reach his potential clients and build our Cornerstone presence online – two important elements to a successful business. Through her marketing efforts, Brittany works in concurrence with the Cornerstone team as she grows our digital presence and maintains frequent communication with our clients.

Brittany Martin is part of LPL Business Solutions, a service that provides industry-trained LPL professionals who can help simplify operations and streamline LPL advisors’ practices.