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Five Ways to Personalize Your Holiday Gift Wrapping

Five Ways to Personalize Your Holiday Gift Wrapping

November 30, 2023

Gift wrapping is an art, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Personalize your gifts with these simple and inexpensive tips that will spark your creativity and can be completed with items you already have in your home. Your friends and family will appreciate the pretty presentation just as much as your gift!

Wine sweaters
Make a cozy and reusable sweater when gifting wine this holiday season. Cut the sleeves off of an old sweater, and turn them inside out. Line the cut end of the sleeve with fabric glue on the inside (right side) of the sleeve, and place a heavy object on the glue end while it dries overnight. Turn right side out, slip in a bottle of wine, and finish off by tying a ribbon around the neck of the bottle for a festive way to gift wine!

Tagless gift label
Simplify your gift wrapping for a more classic look, using rubber stamps and ink. You can skip the generic gift label and give your gift a more personal touch by stamping “to” and “from” and then handwriting your recipient’s name.

Gift card accordion
Play up the presentation for giving gift cards this season with an easy envelope accordion. Simply glue the flap of an envelope to the front of another envelope. Repeat for as many gift cards as you’re giving. Fold up the envelopes, and tie ribbon around them for a simple and sophisticated presentation.

Photo frame gift wrap
Give your gift an extra personal touch by including a photo as a part of your gift. Wrap the gift, then tape a photo onto the top (or photocopy a picture, and glue directly to the paper). Frame out the photo with ribbon, and finish off with a bow.

Upcycled food canister
Skip the gift box, and reuse food canisters for an inexpensive and eco‐friendly alternative. Clean thoroughly, remove the lid, and wrap as usual. Use shredded paper or other filler, as needed, to keep your gift from moving. Replace the lid, and top off with a bow for an easy, upcycled gift-wrap solution.


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