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Cornerstone Ruminations


The weather in the beautiful Flathead Valley has returned to some spring like weather moments. Spring weather is always the hope of fresh, new beginnings. Much like the small positive changes we are seeing around the country and faraway places in the world regarding the COVID-19 pandemic with it’s smaller numbers of devasting infections and deaths. Perhaps the COVID outbreaks are giving way to the hope of fresh, new beginnings also.


Speaking of spring – aren’t we all ready to get outside, do some yard work, stop and smell the flowers, take a moment to enjoy the sounds of chirping birds and the children playing outside in their yards?

Our little dog, Miss Chrissy Lei, sure is happy that the snow has melted, and she can run and run and run in the back yard. If only, Don and I had her energy at the end of the day!


I am reminded of seasons many, many moons ago, when as a little girl I was helping my dearly beloved grandmother plant flowers in her flower bed and plant her garden (she had many flowers and bushes and fruit trees to care for and a very large garden) she reminded me that we plant and nurture these tender plants now, we care for them, we fertilize, water and weed around them thru the summer months, so that in the fall we can reap the benefits of our labor. I feel like times like this when we are self-quarantined and social distancing, that it is much like planting in the spring. If we do as we are asked with self-quarantine now, we will reap the benefits of a healthier people and healthier economy in the fall.


We hope you find comfort in these uncomforting times by reminding yourself to nurture yourself and your family now, so that you too can reap the benefits of your labor and patience in the months to come.