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Cornerstone Ruminations

Best Christmas Memory

Cornerstone Ruminations: Best Christmas Memory

Best Christmas Memory

While many celebrate the Christmas holiday for religious purposes, Christmas has become a worldwide cultural holiday celebrated by everyone. Christmas traditions include a plethora of celebrating, eating, and gathering. Not only does each culture have its own Christmas traditions, but so does each family. Because of the wide variety of Christmas celebrations, it can be fun to learn how other people celebrate this holiday and what their best memories are. No matter where you are, the month of December is filled with lights, decorations, family, friends, joy and sparkle. Read below to learn more about the CWMP team’s favorite Christmas memory.

Don – My favorite memory of Christmas is being present with our 2 sons when they were young and experiencing Christmas through their eyes. I have the same experience with our 3 grandsons – being able to experience and feel their excitement is a feeling you can’t put a price on!

Leslie – It is hard for me to have a favorite Christmas memory – as I LOVE EVERYTHING CHRISTMAS! With this in mind, a special memory is the first time Santa came to our house just after our 2 sons, their wives and the 3 grandsons had just finished Christmas Eve supper. There was a knock on the door, it was answered and to our wondering eyes did appear, a man dressed all in red from his head to his toes, carrying a bag full of toys for each of the grandsons! The 3 grandsons were speechless that Santa had come to visit them while they were still awake and they could visit with him, hug him, and open the gifts that he had brought for them.

Hailey – My favorite Christmas memory is the year my family decided to take a trip together instead of having presents. We went to a small beach town a few hours from our home. It was nice to spend quality time with each other and be in a new place. We brought food to cook our own Christmas dinner since the restaurants were closed and it was special.

Dee – My best Christmas Memory, is when I was a teenager all of my family came in town to visit.  My Family is spread out all over the U.S, and it’s hard to see everyone at the same time.  One Christmas, my grandmother asked if everyone would come in town to be together, and sure enough they did.  Spending time with Family that Christmas was the best present ever. (I haven’t had all my family together since!)

Jennifer – My favorite Christmas memory might be from last year, 2022, when it was the first year that my son really “got” Christmas. His joy was infectious and it was so great seeing the Christmas season through his eyes.