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Cornerstone Ruminations - Compromise

It seems that in the days since COVID -19 marched into our lives we have all learned to “compromise” in many factions of our daily lives. COVID wasn’t an invited guest, it didn’t ask if it was welcome and certainly hasn’t left. It has become the uninvited guest that stays too long in your life and your home – you want it to leave NOW but don’t quite know how to tell the uninvited guest that it is not wanted and it is time for it to leave – so you “compromise” and learn to work, play and live around it. All the while, hoping the uninvited guest leaves tomorrow.


Last December 25, 2019, while celebrating the Christmas holiday season with our grown sons and their families, we never dreamed that we would have an “uninvited” guest staying in each of our own homes and our workplaces in 2020. So, part of our compromise, is to close the office to the public for the safety of Don and Leslie, our team and our clients, and we carry on with business as usual as we navigate the new reality of working from the safety of our own homes. We canceled our much-anticipated trips throughout 2020. We attended the 3-day LPL National Conference – all done virtually as we spent 3 days staring at our computer screens for 8-10 hours a day – another compromise as we couldn’t attend in person so we learned first-hand about the virtual world. We compromise by not eating in our favorite local restaurants, instead we order take-out from our favorite local restaurants and bring it home to dine on … while the food tastes the same, it just doesn’t have the same ambiance to eat at home, wash your own dishes and clean up after yourself without the soft lighting and a great wine to savor! We compromise and wear masks when in public spaces --- now if anyone had told me last Christmas that we would be looking for a more comfortable, attractive looking yet safer mask to wear in August than we did in February we would have laughed out loud at such a preposterous thought --- but we are! We compromise when thinking about all those “fun” places to go and visit in the summer months when our 3 grandsons come to stay with us. Our young grandsons have learned to wear a mask in public and let’s just say that they don’t complain and whine at all --- if only many adults could learn to compromise and learn from the younger generation.


So where does this “compromise” leave us – we, at Cornerstone Wealth Management Partners hope our compromises along with your personal compromises, have allowed us all to carry on, move forward, be a good example to those that are younger than we are, lead by living a positive, loving, honest life with our masks on when in public spaces, and continue to compromise while our uninvited COVID guest continues to exist in our daily lives.