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Cornerstone Ruminations

Cornerstone's Superheroes 

Cornerstone's Superheroes 

Not all superheroes wear capes.  People do not need unnatural abilities and powers to be considered heroic and extraordinary. Superheroes are not only fictional characters in movies or comics, but some are also family members, accomplished athletes, or members of our government. We call them superheroes because they represent more than just an unnatural ability, they represent community, responsibility, and respect. The superheroes described by the CWMP team below remain a symbol of hope and resilience in our everyday lives.  These superheroes are important because they provide good examples of what it means to take responsibility for themselves and the greater good. Their ability to inspire and motivate is admirable, and consistent.



My modern-day Superhero is Tom Selleck. He seems to always represent “The Good Guys” in his acting roles. When you watch him being interviewed, he always seems to be levelheaded and not involved in the crazy Hollywood scene. He comes across as being a hard, honest working man that loves his wife and daughter. He comes across as a “bigger than life character” who is always fighting the “Good Fight.” He played basketball on the USC Men’s Basketball team and was a pitcher on the USC Baseball team.



As many of you know, in a past rumination I stated that my mother and our 2 sons are my past heroes. While they certainly continue to be my superheroes, I would also like to say that I have a modern day Female Super Hero and that woman is Condoleezza Rice. She has held several high offices in the U. S. Government, an accomplished pianist and also continues to serve as Director of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, as well as a published author. I have had the privilege of hearing her speak on two occasions. She is well spoken, has strong Christian beliefs, honors her father and mother, and is a very proud American.



My superhero is my mom. She is extremely smart, independent, and resourceful. She teaches me to do things myself, work hard and shows me how to be a good person. Even though I am an adult and live away from her, I talk to my mom every day and she is always there to give me advice and guidance in my adult life.



My superhero is Ayesha Curry. Not only is she the wife of basketball star Stephen Curry, but she is also a chef with her own restaurant, cookbooks, pot and pans set and bakeware set. On top of being a supportive wife and a great mom to her 3 beautiful kids, she has done many things to create her separate lane of entrepreneurship.



My superhero is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ruth was the second woman ever to serve on the Supreme Court and did incredible work using her intelligence as a lawyer and mother, to fight for gender equality. 



Stephen Curry – he changed the game of basketball by shooting 3 pointers most of the time. He is arguably one of the best shooters in basketball history. He is not only a great player on the court but also off the court. He goes to downtown Oakland and creates parks for inner city people to expose them to opportunities that they may not have otherwise.



Marcus Carr – because he is a small point guard and he is fast and quick like me. He can shoot 3 pointers very well. He considers his role as a father to come first in his life and I admire that. He is majoring in leadership as his college major and he is a leader on and off the court.



My present-day hero is my dad because he helps me to be myself. He helps me to get better at anything I want to do, like basketball, football, and soccer. He is very cool. I asked him if he would change anything about me and he said “nothing”, I love you just the way you are and that made me proud of him.