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Cornerstone Ruminations

Influential Women Who Have Impacted Our Lives

Cornerstone Ruminations: Influential Women Who Have Impacted Our Lives

Influential Women

March is Women's History Month. We wanted to take the time to highlight the women who have influenced our lives. 

Don –Condoleezza Rice:  I have been privileged to hear her speak on more than one occasion. She always presents herself in a professional manner and her thoughts and actions are always well thought out, logical and reasonable. She is a strong supporter of democracy, well educated, musically talented and articulate. I admire her accomplishments and I feel that our country is better because of her service as Secretary of State.

Leslie – Condoleezza Rice:  Interesting how both Don and I feel that she is influential in our lives. I, too, have had the privilege to hear her speak. She presents herself in a very professional lady-like manner in a man’s world and I admire that. She is a gifted pianist, university professor, Secretary of State, and extremely knowledgeable about football!

Hailey – The most influential person that has impacted my life is my mother in law, Kelly. I come from a family of extremely strong and confident women and I am lucky enough to have married into a family who also has strong and confident women. Kelly and I have developed a special relationship and I feel very lucky to have her in my life. She teaches me how to live life with passion and how to follow your dreams no matter what.

Meredith – It might sound silly, but Taylor Swift. She’s been in the music industry for almost 20 years and had just had her strongest year yet. She’s been able to evolve throughout the years, which we should all learn from, and by all accounts is still grounded by her family and kind to everyone she meets. And as a cat lover myself, I admire that she is also a cat person!

Jennifer – There are many, many women who have impacted my life. However, I will go with one of my dearest friends, Sara. We met right before college and our bond was instant. She has been there for me in good times and bad and she constantly teaches me new things. She keeps me grounded and is always there for support and sound advice. She is also an absolute hoot, and you will never be bored around her.