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Leslie Rich

Director Practice Management

Leslie Rich is a proud partner of Cornerstone Wealth Management Partners. As Director, Leslie is responsible for strengthening and maintaining partnerships essential to the firm's future strategies. Leslie focuses on strategically planning the next move for the business in order to satisfy the firm's continuous pursuit of the clients overall well-being. Her strong and motivational attitude allows Leslie to encourage all departments to pursue overall client satisfaction. With years of experience to back Leslie's numerous qualifications, she remains the driving force within the firm and is responsible for the execution of decisions each day that ultimately strive to better our clients' experiences.

Leslie provides the internal support that is required to efficiently operate the firm. Leslie has extensive personal and professional experience in the realm of closely-held family business and the complexities that are unique to these businesses. She oversees initiatives by aligning progress with meeting goals and achieving benchmarks, ensuring follow-through on the part of key players, and sustaining the momentum required to drive completion of client goals. Leslie adds value for clients by exceeding their expectations through well-planned events and creating a company culture that puts Cornerstone Wealth Management a step above the rest.

Leslie's unique and strategic management abilities enable the team to continuously strive to new heights and encourage the formation of strong and lasting client relationships.

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