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Cornerstone Ruminations

What Would Your Superpower Be?

Cornerstone Ruminations: What Would Your Superpower Be?

If You Could Have a Superpower, What Would You Choose?

April 29th is Superhero day. In that spirit we asked ourselves, if we could wake up tomorrow with any superpower, what would we want it to be? What do we think would help us make that big change and big difference in the world that we want to see?

Don – I would wish for the superpower to be one of the team members of a small select team of humans with like powers to work together to bring about world peace within the next 3 years.

Leslie – I would wish to have a superpower to cure all forms of cancer. Having lost 2 immediate family members to cancer and having additional family members currently battling cancer, I would use my superpower to cure them and give them back their otherwise “good health”.

Hailey – If I could have any superpower it would be to take away all mental health issues. I would give everyone the maximum amount of confidence and take away their insecurities that are caused by trauma, anxiety, and other various mental health issues. I want everyone to see themselves for the great person they are.

Autumn – If I could choose a superpower, it would be protection for all the kids around the world. Every kid needs a full belly and a warm heart when they go to bed. I would love to be able to protect all the children and make sure they have a full belly, nice clean/warm clothes, and all the love they so very much deserve.

Jennifer – My superpower would be to be able to teleport and bring people along with me as needed. So often I have friends in need that I cannot get to, and it would be great to be able to teleport there immediately and be able to be there for them as soon as is possible.