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Cornerstone Ruminations

Favorite Thanksgiving Food

Cornerstone Ruminations: Favorite Thanksgiving Food

Favorite Thanksgiving Food

Warm pie, juicy turkey, soft buttered rolls and mashed potatoes. If you are eating these things, you’re probably celebrating Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving holiday is rooted in deep history, tradition, celebration, and feasting. This time of year, is perfect for reflecting on what you have in life and finding reasons to be grateful for. Thanksgiving means something different for everyone. Read below to see what each CWMP member’s favorite food for thanksgiving is!

Don – Sweet potato casserole is by far my favorite food to eat for Thanksgiving. I LOVE the sweet potato casserole from Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and I only wish I made it as good as they do!

Leslie – Pumpkin pie is my favorite food to eat for Thanksgiving and if you put a dollop of my freshly whipped cream on top, it is even better. I can make my own pumpkin pie but lately I purchased it from Costco because it’s as tasty as my own homemade pumpkin pie.

Hailey – My favorite food to eat for Thanksgiving is the turkey and the gravy. I make the gravy from the trimmings of the turkey, and I cook it all myself. What I like about the turkey, is that although you could do a standard brine and rub you can always play with it to perfect your recipe and you can always change it each year. No two thanksgiving birds are ever the same!

Dee – My Favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving is Cornbread Dressing. You see, most people call it stuffing especially if it’s made from a box.  Being from the South we make the real deal “Stuffing” or as we call it Dressing.  This is homemade, and takes quite a bit of work, but that’s the fun in getting to have it once a year.  I make this from scratch using my grandmother’s recipe but have added a few twists to it as I have gotten older.  This is the one food I look forward to eating most, along with making my gravy from scratch to pour on top.

Jennifer – My favorite Thanksgiving food is my grandfather’s Parker House Rolls. He made them from scratch every year until he was no longer able to. Now our family makes them, so on Thanksgiving it’s my dad and myself in the kitchen making rolls for the whole family. They’re soaked in butter and so delicious!