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The Real Hailey Schwager

    Hailey Schwager

    Associate Business Development Specialist

    You will recognize Hailey as one of the first faces you see when coming into the CWMP office. Coming from the restaurant and hospitality industry, Hailey has gained ten years of valuable customer service experience and loves serving her community. She has a passion for business and entrepreneurship so when she is not in the office, Hailey is hard at work developing her own small business which specializes in custom charcuterie platters.

    Hailey was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California. The beach was her backyard, and she also grew up on a lake where her family had a houseboat. After meeting her husband in California, they decided to move to Washington to experience something new. After finishing college and obtaining her degree, Hailey and her husband were ready to experience another new place and fell in love with Whitefish, Montana. Hailey has made Montana her forever home and loves seeing all the beauty it has to offer.

    In her free time, Hailey loves to be outdoors and experiencing new places. She also loves spending quality time with her family. Some of her favorite hobbies include snowboarding, boating, hiking, camping, and swimming in any body of water. You can also find Hailey at a concert watching one of her favorite artists live.